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Beberapa hari ni penghasilan susu saya agak tidak memberangsangkan. Mungkin masa pengepaman yang tidak konsisten dan mengepam sambil buat kerja. Hari ini bagusnya susu sudah bertambah. Boleh la capai 6 - 7 oz untuk satu sesi pengepaman. Alhamdulillah ku panjatkan kesyukuran. Sebelum ni 15 oz dalam sehari. Itu pun kira alhamdulillah. Setiap kali selesai pam kena ucap Alhamdulillah semoga Allah gandakan rezekiNya. Ternyata ianya benar. Ditambah pula pengetahuan yang saya dapat ketika mengepam tadi. Ayuh kita kongsi bersama.

Susu untuk 2 sesi pengepaman hari ini. Alhamdulillah.

Relaxing while PumpingTo some people, relaxing while pumping is akin to asking them to relax during a root canal, but it can be done. Relaxing is important, because it's really hard to have a let-down if you are tense. Some tips for relaxation:
  • Positioning: Sit back in your chair, don't tense your shoulders, and support the bottles so that you don't have to lean forward.
  • Environment: Play relaxing music, have a comfortable chair for pumping, have a cup of tea before you start - in general - be comfortable!
  • Baby Cues: If you are away from your baby when you are pumping, bring some cues to help you think about your baby. Some mothers respond very strongly to the smell of your baby, so bring whatever your baby slept in last night (as long as there's not too much spit-up on it!) Other moms respond better to pictures or sounds - you can put photos of your baby right in many of the pump carriers, or bring a tape of your baby's "hungry noises" (all out crying doesn't usually work - it's too stressful)
  • Bottle Watching: For me, the best way to stop a let-down in its tracks was to watch the bottles. I always had trouble pumping enough, and the stress of watching the ounces was enough to severely limit my ability to pump. Look at something else - anything! Say to yourself "any breastmilk at all is a precious gift to my baby" and visualize waterfalls, spilled milk trucks, your baby's contented face after a feeding - whatever relaxes you.
  • Activity: Some people like to work while they are pumping - for me, pumping time was when I rewarded myself for the hard work of the rest of the day (or for a particularly good run at FreeCell). Find something you enjoy doing while you pump - maybe the latest Janet Evanovitch novel, maybe reading the paper or People magazine, maybe surfing the web if you're lucky enough to pump at a computer. Make it relaxing time. Or, if you're stressed about the work you're missing, pump hands-free and keep on working - whatever relaxes you best.
    This website has a nice exercise to help with relaxation while pumping.
Breast Compressions
Doing breast compressions while you are pumping can help stimulate additional let-downs, and helps to thoroughly drain all of the milk ducts. While you are pumping, use one hand to massage your breast from the armpits towards the nipple (or as close as you can get without dislodging the pump flange). Gradually increase the pressure, and finish with a few firm squeezes of your breast, like you do when you are hand expressing milk.
For maximum effect, couple this with the "massage-stroke-shake" routine described by Chele Marmet on the LLL website (the technique is described in the first response, point #3). Remove the pump once the milk stops flowing. Then massage each breast from the armpit to the nipple, then again from the center of your chest towards each nipple. Stroke each breast gently towards the nipple a few times. Bend over and cup your breasts in your hands. Give each a good shake (a relaxing shake, not a painful shake). Then put the pump back on - you should see more milk begin to flow.
A Good Fit
If you have trouble pumping enough and have tried the above, make sure that your pump is a good fit. Having the right size flanges can really improve your pumping output. Be sure to read the page on Fitting Your Pump to make sure you have the right size flange or insert.
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